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 2 Dangerous Meditations

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PostSubject: 2 Dangerous Meditations   Tue Apr 05, 2016 2:25 pm

Dear friends and light workers. Before I go and continue to cure the sick, I and my fellow Archangels want to warn you all about 2 very unhealthy meditations, that can literally become dangerous. This two meditations that we want all of you to bee aware about is Kundalini Meditation, also known as charka Meditation. This meditation has been altered this past 1000 years and will do more harm than good. There has been several cases of suicide after using this meditation, several cases of suicidal attempts, including possessions, where people has been possessed by an annunaki, draconian, archon or any other unholy, corrupt evil being. You will not see the changes immediately, it can take weeks, months or a couple of years. It all depends on how long this evil being who has possessed the person wants to stay hidden. But in the end the evil being who possessed the person will show it self, gradually, till this evil being can not stand to feel hidden and silent anymore. You can gradually see changes happening to this persons personality and behavior. This is a warning and this should bee delth with immediately by Archangel Immanuel, who is known by the name Yahoel in Spirit. Call up on him to ask him to remove the evil within this person and he will come and remove it. The safest and the only true way to open and unblock charkas is trough child self and self healing. I will explain about child self and self healing meditation later, in a a couple of day, so all of you dear friends and light workers can start doing the true and safe healing meditation, to open and unblock charkas safely. Blessings to all of you.

Archangel Raphael
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2 Dangerous Meditations
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